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Sunday, December 02, 2007


Spidey, Mr. Incredible and me!

It's the last day of school and we partied all morning with fairies, superheroes, princesses and pixies! Parents can be really really creative when it comes to dressing up their children ;)

We also did face painting .... and of course the artist was yours truly...ME! These children can be very demanding on what they want painted on their face and hands. Some even wanted me to draw on their leg...GOSH! I did spiders, rainbows (those are the easy ones), Superman, princesses, cars, the list goes on. Good thing they are not fussy, and as long as whatever you draw looks like what they want approximately, they are happy :D

The school will be closed for 4 weeks - teachers go 'Hooray!' and the parents' nightmare begins ... LOL!

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Dita said...

Hey gurl! Hafnt talked to u for a while yea....

Just drop by to say HAPPY HOLIDAYS and MERRY XMAS in advance ok!

Gosh, your job sounds like loads of fun!

Je te fais des gros bisous, ciao!