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Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Sound of Silence

I just realised today that I can be driven insane if I am deprived of talking. Last night my throat was acting up, and this morning the virus shut down my voice box completely. All I could manage was just a misery hissing sound like the radio out of coverage area. All my efforts to communicate were in vain.

I have never been quite a vocal person (or so I've thought), and I didn't quite mind if I am locked away in a vault without seeing another living soul for days, as long as I have a comfortable bed, a good supply of food, and either one or more of these:
a) books
b) my beloved laptop with internet access
c) MP3 player
On the other hand, I can't stand the silence if somebody else is just right in front of me and I can't talk to them! *FRUST*

Anyway, just wanted to release my pent-up frustration before I am driven up the wall...he he he... Good night bloggiee...


Federico said...

Hola mi favorita chica de Malaysia!Que tal tu voz?Hace dos dias mi voz dejò mi garganta tambien, es increible querer hablar con alguien y no poder emitir ningun sonido de tu boca. Que molestia!Pero hoy mi gato esta muy feliz, yo creo que entiende que por unos dias puede hablar mucho mejor que yo, me mira y "se rie"...Un abrazo

Shirl said...

Mi pobrecito! Tu también? Cuidate bien, y saludale tu familia (y el gato también cuando tengas la voz) de mi parte! Ya tengo la mía.... estoy muy muy contenta :D