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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Two Left Feet - Part 2

Judy, my ballroom dance instructor, suggested that I participate in the Malaysia Team DanceSport Championships 2007 in the Beginner's category on the 28th of April. Hah, what a joke! She said that I am qualified, just need a little touch-ups here and there. On top of that, I don't have to search for a dance partner; TW is readily available now that he is taking dance lessons with me. Yeah, right.

He had to be at gun-point to take up dancing, and now what? Competition? He'd rather have me shoot him. Ke ke ke..... of course I have to be fair too.... my knees shudder even at the mention of the word, so how can I compete? I got myself 2 tickets instead - to support and cheer for Hazel who will be competiting in both the Latin and Ballroom Category D. All the best, darling! :)


Siron Pereira said...

i'll do anythig to see you take part la sithengggg!!! hhhahaha.

Empress said...

Hi Shirl,
Was doing a search on Malaysian Dancesport blogs and found your site. If you are interested, I have just updated the results for the competition at You can get your friend Hazel to look at how she fared with each judge.