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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Mein Name ist Si Theng

My German language class at Goethe-Institut will start next Monday, 15th January 2007. A new year for a new language :D. Had originally planned to continue either español, français or 日本語, but I was not able to match their time table for this term to my hectic schedule (got myself filled up with too many activities ... he he he).

Will have to keep writing more emails in French and Spanish to hopefully guard what I have learnt. My acquired Japanese skills have completely gone down the drain though :P Sandra and Lyne have asked me to give them Spanish lessons, which I more than willingly agreed. Although that DELE Intermedio Diploma doesn't really qualify me to teach, I should do fine with complete beginners (I hope!)


Anonymous said...

The piggy wants to learn espanol too~! can i? can i? Promise you dont need to feed me!

Federico said...

Otro idioma para ti??Que bien Si Theng, mucha suerte con este nuevo idioma. Voy a esperar algo escrito en aleman en tu blog, yo solo puedo decir ich haise Federico...ya es bastante para un pobre italiano. Hasta pronto