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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I am HOME!

After 16 hours mas o menos in the plane and in transit, I finally arrived Kuala Lumpur International Airport on Sunday afternoon. Oh boy was I relieved. I have been so worried for the past few days about my excess baggage, but finally escaped without having to pay a cent though we were exceeded by approx. 35kg! *phewwww*

Weather was perfect when I arrived, though some thick clouds could be seen ahead in the centre of town. I have been told that KL has been raining for the past few days without fail. Oh well, it's not so bad, I would always trade a nice gloomy warm humid Malaysian weather with the cold autumn in Spain anytime. :P Let's hope I have not spoken too soon...hehehe...

I'm now haunted by a stubborn flu.... *sigh* guess it's my own fault for eating too much heaty food before I board the plane. Roasted lamb chops, fries, and churros con chocolate! Padan muka. Keeping my fingers crossed now it will be gone soon.

Will be changing the title of my blog soon. My Life in Spain is no longer valid I guess, if I am going to continue updating it. Will see what my genius brain tells me later......... :P

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